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The Tradition Of Soup Joumou!

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

The very soup the French denied us as Haitian Slaves is now a celebratory dish that is enjoyed every January 1st as a reminder of our triumph over the French colonialist. The supper was perfect for Haitian slaves who were confined to portions and pieces of food left by their slave masters similar to things like cornmeal and those kinds of things.

January 1, 1804, the day Haitian slave and our revolutionary leader Jean-Jacques Dessalines pronounced Haiti's freedom from its French colonizers.

Soup Joumou has numerous social meanings for the Haitian individuals. The soup to me represents freedom and victory. On January 1st, Haitians living all through all circles the world celebrate the main effective slave resistance that re-centralized control into its slaves. This is the embodiment of the Haitian revolution, to get self control and continue an independent framework, where our people would be in charge of each other's survival. In particular, Soup Joumou was an important dish for the French colonialist on the plantation of Haiti.

Our tradition

Being with my family during the holidays has such a large impact on who I am today. I didn't have much growing up but it never felt like I needed anything when my family came together. Memories of eating good Caribbean food while sharing life stories and learning about culture. The laughter and the history shared amongst my family members was like watching your favorite t.v show every Friday night, I look forward to it every January 1st. Each dish we eat have some kind of history behind it and we typically never cared to know or just ignorant entirely. My family love discussing major worldly topics when we come together. I will never forget the discussion my family had about the famous Soup Joumou. My cousin led discussion with his Haitian military background and yells "Haitian slaves would be punished if they even spilled Soup Joumou!" Of course i looked at the soup as if mom just added super powers in it. My curiosity grew instantly and before i could form a question my siblings argued the importance and symbolism of the soup dating back in our Haitian history. That beautiful day I learn Haitian warriors came together and reclaim their country that was stolen from them. I never been more proud to be Haitian.

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