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Chef's story

It all began one curious day in the kitchen....

Chef Rouge, also known as Yves Desravines, has been in the industry for 13 years. Throughout his career he gained experience from multiple different places. Traveling from Orlando, Miami, and New York. Working in places like Sharks SeaWorld Orlando, Lulu Kitchen in Sag Harbor, New York, and Le Basque Catering in Miami. Chef Rouge formally gained his education at Orange County Technical College and Johnson & Wales University. He currently has a Bachelors in Food and Beverage Service Management. His Caribbean background is the foundation his culinary skillset. Having a strong Haitian heritage influence him in creating new ways of innovating Haitian culture through food. He named himself Rouge (which is red in French) because he expresses his food with such raw passion that red best describes his mood when he is cooking.

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