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  • Indulge in your personalized gourmet delights with your own private Ch...

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    39.50 per hour
  • Savor elegance at your door step. Elevating every occasion with culina...

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    From 600 US dollars
  • Nature's sweet symphony. Satisfy your fruit cravings with freshness an...

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    750 US dollars
Fluffy Mash Potato & Shrimp Creole

Fluffy Mash Potato & Shrimp Creole

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The very soup the French denied us as Haitian Slaves is now a celebratory dish that is enjoyed every January 1st as a reminder of our triumph over the French colonialist. The supper was perfect for Haitian slaves who were confined to portions and pieces of food left by their slave masters similar to things like cornmeal and those kinds of things.

Meet our Chef

Chef Rouge, also known as Yves Desravines, has been in the industry for 9 years. Throughout his career he gained experience from multiple different places. Traveling from Orlando, Miami, and New York. Working in places like Sharks SeaWorld Orlando, Lulu Kitchen in Sag Harbor, New York, and Le Basque Catering in Miami.

Build Your Appetite

Chicken-Marsala-760x533 (1).jpg

Chicken Marsala is an Italian-American dish made from chicken cutlets, mushrooms, and Marsala wine.


We pride ourselves in help building memories. We do the things we love for the people we love, but sometimes putting everything together can get a little stressful. Doesn't matter the occasion our job is to alleviate some stress by offering services that will make your love ones feel very special.  

Vintage Table Set

Intimate Dinners

Are you trying plan to a romantic and intimate evening for your spouse? Look no further you don't need much. We'll come in and recreate your dining room into a romantic setting. You'll have your very own private chef where you can have a gourmet 3 course meal in the comfort of your own space. We'll take care of the shopping and cleaning.

Paint Tubes

Paint & Dine

We've collaborated with different painters to create a new niche combining food and art. Relive your fondest memory as you watch an artist paint your portrait. Enjoy 3 course gourmet meal prepared by a private Chef while you enjoy the show. This very special amenity will leave you with an experience you wont find anywhere else. 



Planning a bunch in the near future? We have growing brunch menu filled with all your favorite breakfast. Select what you want and we'll prepare it and build it in your designated space. We've party sizes of 100 people  

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